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A great meal is an adventure. It can transport you to places you’ve never been or remind you of times you’ve had. Through texture, flavor, aroma & presentation, great food sticks with you long after the meal is over & brings happiness at the memory of it.


Joey Gerard's - A Bartolotta Supper Club

 11120 Cedarburg Rd
Mequon, WI

Not a true supper club but I'll be back!

The usual suspects are not included with your steak dinner… if you would like soup and salad, those are sold a la carte. If you would like a side of mushrooms or a stuffed potato, there is an upcharge.

Nonetheless, Joey Gerard’s is a great place with great food and I’ll be back.

18 oz. T-Bone at Joey Gerard's - A Bartolotta Supper Club

18 oz. T-Bone

Very generous… I would say this was more of a porterhouse. Big cut of filet!

Button Mushrooms

If you love the flavor of things done on a charcoal grill, do not pass these up. Delicious!

Chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel crust and cracker jacks on top... what more could you ask for? - Ballpark Pie at Joey Gerard's - A Bartolotta Supper Club

Ballpark Pie

Their pastry chef is a genius! No matter what their Pie of the Day is, get it. This was the Ballpark Pie… made of stuff that you would find at concessions: chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel crust, cracker jacks… what more could you ask for?


Devon Seafood + Steak

 5715 N Bayshore Dr
Glendale, WI

Lobster-hater now loves lobster

Although… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not! But it does speak to the trust and faith that Devon has been able to cultivate in their client base, thanks to great dishes and consistent quality. Would you walk into a restaurant, purposely order something you dislike and trust them to do such a good job of it that you’ll actually love it?

1/2 lb. Lobster Tail

My out-of-state friend insists on coming to Devon every time he’s in town. This time around, he was feeling adventurous and opted for the lobster tail. Shellfish in general repulses him… he won’t go near a scallop.

Well, now he’s a fan (and says that he reserves the right to be a hypocrite)!

Center Cut Filet & Scallops with Roasted Cauliflower and Grilled Asparagus

Of course, excellent as always!


Alem Ethiopian Village

 307 E Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI

Don't go to that other Ethiopian restaurant!

Don’t even waste your time going to Ethiopian Cottage (on Farwell)… just come straight here!

We were a rather large group so I was wondering how we would all share the same platters but Alem had it all figured out and we needn’t have worried! For the twelve of us, we ordered one of each sampler platter: Vegetarian, Carnivore and the Meat Stew. The kitchen actually took each item and split them up between all three platters. A great way to share, and a very tasty introduction to Ethiopian cuisine for those in our group that had never tried it!

Meat Stew Sampler

We opted for the mild since a few people in our group have a low tolerance for heat. This was very good but if I had the choice, I would have done the hotter one.


Big Daddy's Brew and Que

 5800 North Bayshore Drive
Glendale, WI


Taking the space previously occupied by Ovation, you can’t miss this place. No really, you can’t… the five million watt neon sign out front won’t let you. Open for three weeks now, our server Mariah was friendly, sincere and knowledgeable- possibly slightly off on her timing (there were a few times we felt forgotten) but that was understandable since our group arrived one by one over the course of 20-30min. Manager Jeff also stopped by our table to welcome us and kindly took some time out to give us some background history, let us know about upcoming events (their party room is now open!) and answered all the question we threw at him. Great place, we all had a great time, and every single one of us agreed… we can’t wait to come back!

Frickles at Big Daddy's Brew and Que


Not as good as Ella’s but since Madison is 90min drive, these’ll do. Good batter but needs more pickle… it was sliced so thin, it was barely there.

Baby Back Ribs- Full Rack at Big Daddy's Brew and Que

Baby Back Ribs- Full Rack

I am speechless. You can keep your Saz’s, Pitch’s, Smoke Shack and Silver Spur. I’ll be at Big Daddy’s! Tender, moist, delicious, an incredible smokey flavor and served with two finger-lickin sauces… one hot, one sweet. (Well, they also have a vinegar & mustard sauce, which was boring). I found that a 40/60 mixture worked best for me as the hot was really hot, and the sweet was really sweet. Go check this place out!

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Big Daddy's Brew and Que

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Go on Wednesday and score this baby plus one side for $5… wash it down with half-price beer and cocktails!


Ward's House of Prime

 540 E Mason St
Milwaukee, WI

Can't say enough good things!

This is one of those places that yes… while slightly on the pricey side, is oh-so-worth-it! You may want to consider getting a second job to support your Ward’s habit!

What impresses me most is how consistently well-rounded this place is. Each and every time I come here, it starts with the very gracious hosts and phenomenal service, follows with incredible food, perfect ambiance, classy yet comfortable setting; and ends with a sincere “Thank you” on the way out.

How many times have you walked into a restaurant, been greeted at the host stand by a giggling, 16-year old girl who sprints to your table while you try to keep up; waited on by a server who rattles off the nightly specials so fast that you only caught one in five words and none of the prices; your cocktails went dry shortly after finally having your order taken and stayed that way; your server presents your food and then disappears for the rest of the night. And what’s worse… you don’t have any utensils.

Okay, I am over-exaggerating but we have all had those things happen to us at least once. But not at Ward’s… not ever. And props to our top-notch server Jake who answered all our questions; was knowledgeable and sincere without being stuffy; and when we ran into a little hiccup, he was able to come up with a creative solution and resolve it promptly and gracefully. And of course, the food (as always) was phenomenal. Thank you Mary Kay, Jake, Brian Ward and of course the BOH staff for another wonderful experience!



 6969 N Port Washington Rd
Glendale, WI

I've been missing out!

I come here quite a bit for lunch but have never stopped by for dinner. It was a hit! Came here with a group of 12 people and we ordered a variety of items… hibachi, sashimi, maki, clams, yaki soba, lobster, mochi… every single one of us absolutely loved it. We’ll be back!

Hibachi Sirloin Steak

I’ve never had hibachi before. It just always seemed so… boring. The “safe” thing on the menu because it’s familiar. I always figured, why go to a sushi house just to order stir fry? Well, now I have my answer. And the hibachi chef was so generous, we all joked that we’d be eating our leftovers for the next three days (which was actually not too far off the mark). Come hungry!


Jake's Fine Dining

 21445 Gumina Rd
Pewaukee, WI

This is the place!

My family went to Jake’s quite a bit when I was a kid because it was my parents’ favorite steak joint and I always thought it was so-so… but after having been back for the first time in probably 15+ years, I have come to realize that I never gave this family-run business the kudos it deserves. Until recently, I have had two truly great steaks: The Clock (downtown Milwaukee, now closed) and The Lark (Iowa City). Well, I am happy to say that Jake’s has now shot up to the top of my list. This is a must must try!

PS. If you are on a gluten-free diet and order a steak, let your server know. They garnish all their steaks with an onion ring!


I opted for the 12oz boneless since the 24oz bone-in was a little too much for me to handle, although the flavor… if possible… would have been even better. Perfectly cooked, wonderful texture and amazing flavor, this meal left me speechless. I opted for the beer-battered green beans and grilled asparagus for my sides, Sierra Nevada for my drink of choice.


They never asked for a temperature but it didn’t matter… perfectly cooked with a hint of pink, the flavor of this dish was amazing. Subtle and intricate layers of flavor that didn’t overpower the taste of the meat, Jake’s has proved that their scope of expertise extends beyond just beef.

Sauteed Mushrooms (whole order)

Man, I don’t know what they do to their mushrooms but I could have had these for my meal and gone home happy!

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