Vintage Cafe

 1508 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA

Worst cafe in Everett

Lame food – TERRIBLE service (your local parking meter is more caring) – pathetic place run by pathertic people.

If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to find anywhere else.

Worst service EVER. Pobably the worst sevrcie in the state. Better service at McDonalds.

Ordered a beer with dinner. Didn’t get one. Wife ordered cofffee. Got OLDCOLD coffee. Complained about cold coffee, got a refill moore of the same cold coffee. The waitress couldn’t figue out how to remove the coffe form the bill – se also couldn’t split the check for the table next to us. She was complaining about the place being busy even though there were less than 10 people in the place. Ice cream was supposed to be given to our kids with their meals, but after waiting for 20 minutes after we were done eating, we were ready to leave. Had to wait an additional 5 minutes at the counter for the waitress to come out of the back room so we could pay.

The first time we went there the owner was bitching out the waiter in the main restraunt due to an group of elderly folk leaving. They probably left due to there being NO SENIOR DISCOUNT. Good fish and chips, but not worth the hassle. By a long shot.

Worst of Everett!


Had to run home and brush my teeth. More greasy breadding than anything else. Good tarter sause with dill, but I want good food, not good condiments.

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