Vinnie's Parkview Pizzeria

 414 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ

Cold, gross, bland and expensive...

Put a pic of the sorry excuse for pizza they deliver… If I could rate this place no stars I would! First and last time trying this sorry excuse for a pizza place… I have NO idea how they’re still in business. At 6:58pm, I placed my order for 2 crispy chicken sandwiches, an appetizer sampler and 2 slices of pizza… I understood it’s a Friday night, so I was willing to be patient. I called 8:04 to check on the status, they said the driver would be there any minute…The food came at 8:30, THEY ARE EXACTLY 7 MINS AWAY….Alright, maybe the food will redeem them! I opened the bag and was horrified…The pizza looked days old, the cheese on the chicken sandwiches weren’t even melted… Ew. I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. It looked like the pizza you get from a convenience store, but that’s definitely an insult to 7-11’s cooking prowess compared to this place… When I called to let them know the food was unacceptable, the girl on the phone said I gave her the wrong address…IF that was true, why didn’t they call me to find out? And how did they find the correct address? LOL…I only said to call about 4 times on my receipt, but no phone call when they got here. And the receipt had the correct address on it. 9:00PM the new food just got here. Pizza is lukewarm. They included free desserts to compensate. Still first and last time. If you’re going to screw me, make sure the food is at least good…. GOOD RIDDANCE.

...yuck! - Pizza at Vinnie's Parkview Pizzeria


Looked a day old, was ice cold…

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