Fibbar Magees

 156 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

Not a good place to eat (Very bad service)

I ordered Irish Stew and I was told it was lamb but it was beef. I could not taste anything but wine. Also, the waitress never came to ask if everything is o.k and not once. I had to ask to get my bill and the lady assistant manager was very rude comes to me and says “I have only 5 minutes can not talk to you” I was mad this is not the way to talk to paying customer . I will call the manager to get my money back and never go to this place again. Portions are not as big as they say it is . They keep on mentioning is Tuesday it is our game day and every table is reserved . The woman told me you can seat there till 7:00 p.m before reservation comes my first time here. I was shocked it was 6:00 p.m and I did not want to be rushed. Made mistake not walking out. Did not want to get upset since I was very hungry. Very bad experience . Do not go there if you are 35 and up years old you have to seat up on high chairs. Not very comfortable for 50 something woman.


Not good. All I tasted was wine sauce and portions of meat to vegetable was very small. I have been eating lamb all my life and that was not a good quality lamb it was beef . Lamb has distinct taste to it.

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