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because a bear's gotta eat well

I like to eat pretty much all kinds of food. Meat is the best, and then the breads. Pork is the best type of meat, even if it is ridiculously fatty (that is why it is so good).


Hrd Coffee Shop

 521 3rd St Ste A
San Francisco, CA
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This place is one of my favorite restaurants in...

This place is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It does everything very well. Service is great- the cashier is the friendliest person ever and I’ve seen him give free drinks multiple times among many other kind gestures.

The food is super cheap, really tasty, Has huge portions, and fairly fast service. They also have a wide variety of food, ranging from Korean burritos, Koran loco moco, Mongolian cheesesteak, burgers, noodles and far more. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this place I recommend getting there a bit before 12 to beat the long lunch lines.

On a side note, didn’t see coffee on the menu nor seen anyone order coffee before. So can’t comment on that.

Korean burrito

Their most popular dish. Good stuff, and has kiwi salsa in it!

Spicy pork bibimbop

Tons of food and meat!

Mongolian cheesesteak

Tasty though not as great as other things on the menu

Japanese curry with roast pork over rice

Meat was very tender. They only offer this once in a while and sell out fast.

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I’m jealous. I love ice creams, especially unusual ones and I’ve yet to see a pluot ice cream here in LA. :(



You had pluot ice cream? Was it homemade or something you bought from an ice cream store?



So many restaurants I haven’t eaten at around Berkeley! I sure do miss the food

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