100 Bar + Kitchen

 10009 101a Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

Steak is Fabulous, Everything else not so much

Overall I had a lovely time. The atmosphere is very nice. The booths are high backed so you really get a lot of privacy. It is kind of difficult to flag down the waitress behind those huge booths though, so it’s important to have a good server. I was pretty disappointed with all of our appetizers. None of them were that great and next time I think I will skip them and just go straight to the main course. The steaks were wonderful. Everyone was really happy with them. My boyfriend is itching to go back because he enjoyed his steak so much. My advice is skip the appetizers, they are definately not worth the money, and splurge on the 10 oz steak. Also there is an extensive caesar menu that we found really fun.


The calamari was bland and a little cold. Calamari is not my favorite to begin with but I’ve had much better anywhere else I’ve ever tried it. Very disappointing.

Bacon Cheeseburger Perogies

You get 6 large perogies. They were pretty good. Very meaty which is unusual for perogies but I enjoyed them.

Scallop and Prawn Duo

The prawns were very small and not very tasty. However, the scallops were delicious. You only get two scallops and 4 prawns though which I thought was not worth the price.

Alberta AAA Tenderloin

It was a super delicious steak. It was a little overdone but the steak was so good that I almost didn’t notice. There was zero fat on it which meant that I could eat it without worrying because it is so dark in there that you wouldn’t be able to see the fat anyway. You get a very very tiny portion of vegetables which was disappointing because I think if you’re going to put it on the menu as part of the dish then you should get more than one carrot, one asparagus and a slice of zucchini. The meal comes with cheesy tater tots which were good but not well suited to the steak.

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