Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine

 115 5th Ave S
La Crosse, WI


First, the food. I had the fajitas with steak. The portion was very large with sauteed onions that were still crisp, very good. Only found 3 small pieces of green pepper though. The steak was cooked to the right degree and tender but without a lot of flavor. The side rice was orange with very little flavor and there was only enough cheese for one fajita. I asked for extra cheese so that I would have enough for all 3 of my fajitas. The refried beans were excellent
My daughter had the same asking for some sliced tomatoes on the side but got diced in with the sauteed vegetables. I said no guacamole and got it anyway. Think this was due to the language barrier. Our server spoke poor english. This is not a problem except for the fact that she either did not understand our questions about the different dishes or just didn’t know.
The bill was not itemized and showed only our entrees, not the drinks or the fact that they charged me $2.50 for a tiny bowl of extra cheese when there wasn’t enough to barely cover one fajita. Our bill came to $60. I could have gone to the local “chain” restaurant and gotten better food, environment, service, and price
This restaurant used to be Tres Compadres (I think) and I had eaten there once and had the same issues. The interior is still dark and uninspired. When they rebranded, I went back to see if they had improved their food/interior and sad to see I think they just changed the name and nothing else.


steak done well but no flavor, onions still crisp-good, only 3 little green peppers on the whole plate. Barely enough cheese to put on one fajita then charged me $2.50 for more cheese. See above comments

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