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food is life

On life’s journey
Food is nourishment,\n
Great Restaurants are a shelter,
Wisdom is appreciation of the culinary arts and
A satisfied stomach is the protection by night.
If a man lives by his food, nothing can destroy him.


Umami Burger

 850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA

i don't get it

This place got some good reviews and the wait for a table reflected the hype. However, I just don’t get why this place is so popular right now. Its true that their burgers were tasty, but they are tiny. The waiter even commented that my friend and I looked like we could use more to eat. The sides we ordered, the onion rings and fries, were lacking in seasoning. Their house ketchup seemed watered down. Maybe I can’t taste umami?

Bottom line: I will be trying Father’s Office when I want a burger

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you eat in bursts



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