Miguel's Cocina

 1351 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA

Overhyped, Tourist Trap but edible food, Great service

This place is definitely in the heart of the Tourist trap of Coronado Beach.

Food was edible but attuned to the Texican (read “Tex Mex”) style of food. Had some decent selections on the menu.

Great outdoor seating and service.

Calamari Tosta

Huge portion. Awesome tender Calamari Steak, very surprising.

fish tacos

Okay, had better.


Lolita's Taco Shop

 7305 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA

Great Taco shop

This place is awesome.

Taco = Fast Food. This place delivers quality.

Fish Taco

Best I have had in the States. Fish was fresh and not at all flaky.

Carne Asada

Had better at holes in the walls but it was okay and edible.


Royal India

 329 Market St
San Diego, CA

Great Northern Indian Food, Great Service and Atmosphere

Surprising gem in the Gaslamp Quarter. Attentive service and elegant atmosphere.

Aloo Gobi


Punjabi Saag



Sushi Itto

 441 E Washington St
San Diego, CA

Poorly executed Fusion Sushi concept

This is definitely a good example of a poorly concept executed very badly. Seems like it would be good from the outside but once you are served (after a long wait with only 3 tables), you will be great disappointed, if not annoyed, with the quality of the food.

For starters, this is the first time ever that I have been served sushi before sashimi. The rice for the sushi was horrible; poorly seasoned. The rolls fell apart on the plate ( a 3yo could have rolled neater maki). Come on people, maki rolls is not rolled like a burrito.

The menu is boring even though this chain considers itself a bold innovator of fusion sushi. The majority of the specialty rolls in its menu contain an overt amount of cream cheese. That’s definitely not bold since it was the ingredients early sushi exporters used to substitute for raw fatty tuna to ease the westerner tastes in the 1950’s!

Tempura was soggy at best. You are at sea level, you should not be serving soggy tempura.

Could not even finish a piece of each roll. Would go else where.



Assortment of individual orders: hamachi, maguro, white sea bass.

Looked at it and poked at it. Meat seemed very flaky. Definitely, not an encouraging sign to put in your mouth.

softshell crab roll

Soggy and filled more with cream cheese than crab. Crab pieces were tiny.

Way to push up profit margins!

Unagi maki Roll

Fell apart on the plate. Did I go to a taqueria?

This was the breaking point of my patience.

spider roll

Again soggy and poorly executed. What is up with overdoing the cream cheese. Did they run out of inventory?

Think they should hire real sushi chefs but probably would kill their margins on the headcount.


Pei Wei Asian Diner

 3970 Buchtel Blvd
Denver, CO

Fast Food Chain w/ Bad concept-Terrible food

Disgusting is all we had to say. My girlfriend want to try it out since one opened a cross the street from us.

Overly salted MSG food fit for the obese in middle America. It is definitely not Chinese food or Asian food (may influenced by Asian foods). It is more of a cross between those 99cent per scoop chop soy (mean garbarge or scraps in chinese) places and a tex-mex slop. Guess you can call it American food but I don’t like tinting the cultural image of America with this garbage.

The Dressed up casual dinning atmosphere unfortunately cannot save this place. Bad concept except for maybe in some rural mid-western towns.

Pad Thai

Ordered the pai thai and it tasted like they emptied a shaker of salt into it. Not a taste of tamarind (a prime ingredient in pai thai sauce). The MSG burned my mouth like gasoline.

The Tofu did not even resembled Tofu (never had tofu in pai thai). We first though it was some kind of tasteless chewy cheese. Pretty gross after the first bite and then spitted it out.

Did not have the stomach to try another bite.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls

The chicken Vietnamese roll were skimpy and tasteless. Overpriced at $6.25. Usually at a Vietnamese place, it costs between $2.50 to $4.00.

The chicken was very very dry. I wondered if they microwaved the chicken or was it just freezer burned?

Pei Wei Spring Rolls

Surprisingly edible. However, 2 for $3.75 is a bit ridiculous.


Peter Luger Steak House

 178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Great Steakhouse

Great cuts that are cooked properly (rare to medium rare, any beyond go to a bbq restaurant). Great service. No need to say more.

If you don’t have their credit card, bring cash.


Washington Park Grille

 1096 S Gaylord St
Denver, CO

Nothing Special- Sunday buffet okay but can improve

Came here a few times for their Sunday Buffet. Service was fine. Wait Staff were very attentive. Dining room was elegant and the atmosphere was cozy.

Food for the buffet was mediocre. Same menu also gets kind of boring. Some of the food trays were consistently cold or out of food. Buffet staff took their time to refill or serve ham from the table.

Samosas and other drinks were good. Their coffee and teas were decent.


Wash Park Underground

 266 Downing St
Denver, CO

Truly Great Denver Burgers

This place has a great pub food menu and atmosphere.

Waitstaff are friendly and attentive, although the hostesses can be anxious at times.

Great Burgers and good drinks.

Swiss Burger

Best burger I’ve had in Denver.

Juicy, cooked as to my request (medium rare), plump meat. Bun was of good quality and butter toasted properly.

Presentation was neat and organized.

Definitely beats out Cherry Cricket Burgers by a long shot.


Cherry Cricket

 2641 E 2nd Ave
Denver, CO

I can get a better burger at Burger King

Why is this place deemed best burger in Denver so bad at making burgers? Waiting in line for a seat is fine only if restaurant is actually serving good food.

Kitchen staff appears to have given up. Besides their soggy, overcooked worm meat burgers, the quality of their fries and onion rings seem to be on the decline. How hard is it make fries and onions that are crunchy and semi warm?

Wait staff seems like they are trying to get you to stiff them even though you are patient and courteous to them. Serving food on the table does not work too well when you slap them on the table. Plus, pouring drinks over the table is not good service even when the server is hungover or still high. The whole place is getting dirtier each time I eat there, as well as the bathroom.

The seats are quite uncomfortable. All the TV sets are tuned to whatever events the servers are watch.


Soggy, overcooked mess. The quality of meat is on par with public schools or prisons. The meat looked very similar to those served at McDonald’s but more rubbery. Not juicy but bogged with blackened grease.

Forget about the buns. Tasted lightly if you are lucky and they are so soggy they it breaks apart when you take your first bite.

Served lukewarm to slightly cold to touch. Reheat requests (if you dare) are ignored.

The veggies are served mangled between the bun and the rest of your food basket. Kinda like a hurricane hit it.


Le Central

 112 E 8th Ave
Denver, CO

Affordable doesn't mean edible

I guess French food found a new low.

The food was not up to par to most places that sold french cuisines. Service was provided by anxious hipster wait staff that were not as knowledgeable about the food as they would like you to believe.

Wine selection was horrible. You probably could get better wine at Costco.

Atmosphere was decent, which the only thing good about this place.

Escargots De Bourgogne

More butter than escargots. Not at tasty as usual. Think they did not add enough garlic. Very salty.

Filet Mignon Au Poivre

Overcooked and definitely not the best cut.

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