Onyx Fusion Bar & Restaurant

 1150 W Columbus Ave
Springfield, MA

WINNER! Of the worst service award.

I could not believe it. We went in with some friends for drinks on a night where they were over staffed and there was barely a “vibe” to the place. We decided to stick around and have a few drinks..What a mistake that was. After literally 20 minutes of us sitting there waiting for a cocktail waitress to come over, I finally had to reach my hand over and stop one who was walking by us (for the 10th time) like we weren’t even there. After ordering 3 drinks it took another 15 minutes for us to get them and only 2 came to the table. It’s unbelievable..When you’re sitting at a table, looking over at your waitress chit chatting with her friends when they should be getting your drinks or at the very least, occasionally stopping by your table to acknowledge that she knows you’re still there, it’s just offensive. I’ve been to Onyx on a number of occations and every single time it’s the same thing with the same staff. Honestly, I blame management. There’s no doubt that management has heard of the lousy staff they have working there and to ignore it shows weak management skills. I know that management has heard something because if you ask ANYONE who has ever been to Onyx what they thought, they will all say the same thing. “Food was really good, but really expensive and the service was absolutely horrible.” Every single person I talk to says the same thing, friends, and strangers alike.
As someone who loves to eat out and has restaurant management experience, I blame the manager and/or owners for turning their heads at this horrible service. If you’re going to overcharge people for good food, you should at least make sure the service is absolutely impeccable.
I will never go back to Onyx ever again.

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