Luciano's Pizza

 12 E Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA

Tarnished Taste Buds

Im usually pretty fair when it comes to the mom and pop restaurant, after all, that’s what gives philadelphia its feel. Ive lived in Ardmore my entire life and recently took my 5 year old son to get some lunch. We stopped to get a slice and he was excited about getting a smoothie. His first ever. The place is called Mainline Smoothie at 12 ardmore inside of Lucianos. First of all the service was terrible, they were so rude that I thought my son was going to cry. When he took his first sip I just assumed that he didnt know what to expect based upon the look on his face. I took a sip of the drink just to verify and it was the worst taste ever. I cant imaging what they put in there. I paid and promptly left. I cant imagine what the owner was thinking about putting this place inside his restaurant. Times must be tough!! Do your taste buds a favor and crab a water ice.


Bad Smoothie.

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