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Blue Ginger Korean Grill

 14045 N.e. 20th Street
Bellevue, WA

ok some let me say ive been here 3 times and...

ok some let me say ive been here 3 times and not by choice, each time with a different group of friends. and each tiem i promised myself i would never go back. the food is actually pretty good but the service is terrible. 3 times 3 horrible experiences.
1)first time, fat guy sitting across the aisle sits down, his shirt button pops off and flies in my food. i ask the manager if i can for only the food we had already eaten up to that point. he says i must pay for everything and makes a scene in front of the restaurant. i throw money at him enough to cover half of the food and i leave :) oh and i almost got in a fight with the fat guy b/c i asked him to pay for the food his button contaminated.
2)2nd time, there were only 2 tables with customers and i ask for extra menus for my friends, waiter says theres no more menus. im like you only have 2 menus in the whole restaurant, he says yes. maybe he didnt understand me b/c he was fob-ish, learn some damn english man.
3)last time, the table next to us caught on fire! no it really did. being as smart i am, instead of getting the hell out before all the gas explodes im standing there taking pictures of the table on fire. the manager yells at me for documenting a possible law suit haha.

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