Dairy Queen

 9301 Tampa Ave Unit 75
Northridge, CA


I had a horrible service here just before Christmas. I ordered two drinks and the cashier was taking forever to process the transaction; meanwhile, the two other employees working here, took the drink requests of the next two people behind me AND started working on their drinks. The employees finished the customer’s drink who were waiting behind me, before the cashier even started on my drink! When I asked the cashier if he was going to get started on my drink, he shrugged me off and said that he was waiting for the transaction to go through. As a result of my inquiring about when he was going to make my drinks, I believe this cashier purposefully sabotaged my drinks! The piña colada I had always ordered from Dairy Queen, tasted watered down! It tasted horrible! I took a few sips and literally threw it away!

When I submitted an online complaint with regards to what had happen, the manager (I think her name was Eva) called me and immediately started getting defensive and attacking me; claiming that I waited to get home to drink the beverage. Eva knew nothing about my experience, only that she was not willing to rectify or remedy the matter. Instead, she came down on me and was very defensive about my experience. Very unprofessional! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER blame the customer no matter what! You will NEVER win! You don’t want to push your customers away…you want to retain them! Eva HAS pushed me away and I will never ever buy a drink from this Dairy Queen again! In addition, I am submitting this complaint on all forms of social media!

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