Haandi Indian Cuisine (CLOSED)

 7890 Haven Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I see why they have to advertise so much

I have been inundated with flyers, coupons, email, etc. from this restaurant, with all kinds of specials, buy one get one free, etc. I now understand why they have to advertise so much.

There was not a single patron in this shabby restaurant when we walked in at lunchtime on a Saturday. Not one. That should have been the first clue.

We presented our coupon and were told that you could not use it with the buffet, (this should have been clearly stated), but we tried the buffet anyway.

The food was very disappointing. Tastes like it had been frozen and then reheated, and just about everything was terribly overcooked. I don’t believe I have ever had flavorless Indian food before, but they managed to show me that it is possible.

The unappetizing, bland food was bad enough, but evidently ambiance is limited to very dirty carpeting, and all of the employees standing around watching (what I believe) were Indian soap operas on the TV that was blaring so loud it gave me a headache.

Lesson number 1 – Please don’t subject your customers to listening to bad TV in a language they don’t understand, while the staff ignores them.

Lesson number 2 – Please prepare buffet items in small quantities, freshly, so you don’t have to serve customers food that tastes like it came out of a can.

Lesson number 3 – Even a ridiculous amount of advertising cannot compensate for terrible food, a dirty restaurant, and staff who would rather be elsewhere.

Lesson number 4 – If you don’t have a single customer in the restaurant at a time that you should be busy, you might want to read the three lessons above.

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