A. B. C. Amy's Baking Company

 7366 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ

Kitchen Nightmare

I don’t know why I’m waisting my time writing this because both owners will dismiss any critizism. After having viewed ABC on Kitchen Nightmares, I that that the whole segment was staged, so when on business, I visited the restaurant for myself. It turned out that the restaurant and in particular the owner, (Amy) was one of the most arrogant,condescending, classless, bully, of a person I have ever seen. I’m surprized that the emloyess haven’t taken out an harrasment suite against her and hubby who has no back bone. Amy certainly needs to seek psychological assistance. She has some deep routed problems, and the food was horible. Do not visit this restaurant, it’s like flushing your money down the toilet. ABC probably filters the comments and discards those (Many I’m Certain) that are not positive. This is why there’s only one comment. Notice how it indicates (Remove This Review)below? Sammy the old timer is going to run out of money at some point and the doors will close forever and Amy will be serving ay McDonalds where she belongs cleaning toilets.

House Salad and A Pizza

under cooked (RAW) Pizza, Didn’t eat it but paid the bill. Personally gave the server a tip because the owner keeps all the tips and shold be investigated by the IRS. Is he claiming the tips as income? I think not, he thinks he’s a gangster as he told Ramsey who would have knocked him on his ass. I tipped more than 18% but was certain to hand it to the server. I wonder if she’s still working there? Waited an hour and a half for a pizza and the restaurant was mostly empty?

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