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 3051 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA

Mom & pop ice cream shop

I have only had the ice cream here so I cannot comment on the food (although I can’t imagine that the food at an ice cream parlor can be all that good). They serve Gunther’s ice cream so of course its tasty. The place is located across the street from a high school and not surprisingly, the students are their major clientele. Unfortunately this means that the place caters to a younger crowd. I absolutely love and recommend the Swiss orange chip ice cream. It is fabulous in all forms – by itself in a cup, in a milkshake, or within a chocolate covered bon bon. I wish they carried other unique Gunther flavors such as green tea and coconut but the owner says they have tried this and was not popular with the high school crowd. Part of the reason I rate this place so high is that it is clearly family owned and I like the family. They are always friendly and seem to remember us. The place is open fairly late during the summer when you want a sweet treat at night.

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