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Masina Trattoria Italiana

 500 Harbor Blvd
Weehawken, NJ


Food is only Okay, view is poor, Manager is a total Jerk!! I would only go back for drinks at the bar.

We had no issue making a reservation for dinner on a Saturday night, and had a Travelzoo Coupon to use.
The problems with the manager started about halfway through our dinner and after our check was paid.
- After our appetizer, I used the restroom and my husband went to smoke outside. As we left the table, one waiter asked if we were leaving which I explained we were not and even what we were doing, then found our own waiter and placed an additional drink order. When we returned a few minutes later, the table had be completely cleared away and was re-set for another guest. Luckily we got our table before the other person had be sat down. The Manager had taken it upon himself to assume we had left, ignoring the waiters who told him otherwise.
- We presented our coupon at the end of the meal which clearly states multiple times on the document the tips are not included. When we were given our check the waiter said “I want to make you aware that Travelzoo has incorporated the tip into your bill for you, so there is no need to leave an additional tip”. The tip was a 20% gratuity, we did not want to argue at that point even though we knew better. The other gratuity policy’s on tables 6 or more are clearly printed on the menu for full disclosure.

After we paid our bill and were about to exit the restaurant I asked to speak with the manager. When he came to speak with me, he didn’t even come out from around the unused pizza/coffee counter. When confronted with the discrepancy on the tip he said it was “His policy” to include gratuity on every coupon accepted, and that the waiter mis-spoke. I suggested he needs to inform his staff better and he argued back “don’t tell me how to do my job”. He was very nasty and unapologetic for his behaviors of clearing our table or what appeared to be lying who’s policy it was to include an undisclosed 20% tip into our bill.

He walked away without a resolution or apology, I asked the hostess what the managers name was and her reaction was “Umm…(as she started clicking her mouse closing programs on her computer) I don’t know his last name” I told her a first name is enough for my needs and she hesitated again before saying “Johnny”. So I doubt if that is the truth either.

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