2005 Kalia Rd
Honolulu, HI

Poor management

The BAD:
I was a regular at this Benihana and will not eat there anymore until the the night mgr serena is replaced. In the past month our experience with her has been horrible.

On Friday, February 29, we sat near the kitchen. We heard nothing but the “F” word being yelled out by an angry voice in the kitchen. There were children at our table so I asked our server to ask that employee to stop swearing. Our server replied that it was the manager and anyone who tells her to stop will get fired. The manager’s swearing continued for about 3 minutes. My appetite was ruined.

On Friday, March 7, I had friends in town and I decided to give Benihana a try. When we were there, a table of young men kept yelling and hitting their table loudly. This caused other customers to leave without eating. This also caused some babies and children to start crying. All you heard were crying babies and a rowdy table. We asked our server to ask the manager to calm the rowdy table. The manager, Serena again, did not stop the loud table. In fact, she kept her distance out of fear. What does this lady do for the restaurant if all she does is swear like crazy and can not control the place?

Our chef both times were average. We watched different chefs perform and each one added their own unique act or trick to the show. Our servers were friendly and quick with food but the drinks took a bit long on the first visit.

My suggestion:
If you have children or want a finer dining experience, call first and find out when serena is not working. The restaurant does not deserve business on her shifts.

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