Katella Deli-Restaurant

 4470 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA

Please Stay Away From This Burnt-Out establishment.

Please Stay Away From This Burnt-Out Restaurant. My family had been going to this establishment since the 70’s and last weekend fiasco was one of the countless disappointments we’ve had with this restaurant, so we decided that we’ll never go back to Katella Deli any longer.

To make the long story short, we’ve noticed that from the Owner/Management and on down to the employees, ‘Burn-Out’ and ’Don’t Care Attitude’ are so evident. From poor food quality to harsh attitude of the wait staff, it’s so obvious that this Restaurant should just call it quits and close the door shut. We celebrated a Birthday and a Wedding Anniversary only to be mistreated and given poor quality food. We normally give over 15% tips but we didn’t feel that the ‘wait staff’ deserve the 10% we left them. To the Management of Katella Deli, please do the public a favor by following your burnt-out attitudes and close down. If you really want to stay in business, please get some Professional Culinary and Guest Hospitality Training.

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