Tony's Villa Capri

 8126 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS

Tony's Villa Capri There is no other place to get a Pizza

I have been dining in and carrying out food from this restaurant since back in the early 1970’s. I love the paintings on the walls and the ‘black lights’ that make them ‘pop’. I love the same plastic grape vine with little lights in it that has been in the decor forever. I love the bluest of blue faux leather booths with their well earned cracks and duck tape fixes.

Tony makes THE BEST Pizza that I have ever eaten. When the restaurant decides to close (and I pray it never does) then were will we all go for THIS Napolean type of Pizza?

How about Tony’s ‘red sauce’? His meatballs are to die for and they also serve FRESHLY BREWED Iced Tea. Who does that anymore?

Villa Capri Pizza

Start off with a ‘dinner salad’ whose greens exist of iceberg lettuce, a bit of red cabbage, shredded carrots~you know, the ‘dinner salad’ that we all ate at most restaurants growing up because ‘salad’ had not yet become a ‘masterpiece of lawn clippings’ until just recently. Tony’s Homemade Italian Salad Dressing is the choice to make and the recipe has not changed for 30 years since I have been eating here.

The Villa Capri Pizza can be likened to other ‘dump pizza’s’ which means it contains almost all of the toppings that the pizza crust can hold. I order extra red sauce and Parmesan cheese so that I can ‘dip my pieces of pizza’ into the red sauce and then shake on the Parmesan cheese! During the process of delighting in the flavors of basil and oregano, the crust holds up. It is a thin, but not to thin crust.

Freshly brewed Ice Tea is poured into your glass and sometimes you must ask for extra ice. But Renee keeps your glass filled and checks often to make sure you are happy and have everything that you need.

If you are lucky, you will see Tony on your trip to the dining room. Without Tony and his son Steve, Villa Capri would not still be open and serving food mostly open for dinner, but the hours continue to change so it is difficult to know if they are open.

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