Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant

 6120 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL

Worst Place ever to go and dine. Pathetic service!

We went on Nov 21st evening to try this place and used Groupon ($70 deal worth $150 for 4). Here is a narration of our nightmare:
1) First they pushed us to small tables which is kind of tight for 4 people. Knowing their serving plates are big they should have more spacious tables and sitting arrangement.

2) Our company ordered the same food as we did. Our attended didn’t even checked what is going on. After 45 min, I had to go myself to the manager (Rob) to request if we can get our food as our company had almost finished their food.

3) After escalation we got our food which was almost 1 hour after we ordered our food.

4) Our company finished their food and then our food was served we had very tight space. No attendant came to check and take the plates away. Our company had to pick her own place to take it one of the attendants to take it away. Shame on you guys!

5) Lastly, we got our desert and only 3 people got their forks. I am not sure how to eat ice-cream with my hands!

6) Lastly, insult to injury and kind of a slap on our face manager gave us 10% discount (I would keep minimum 20% tip) on the bill (Which was already paid). We had to go to manager how is he planning to give us that discount since it’s prepaid. He had no answer. (Smart move Mr. Rob!)

7) Finally, manager (Rob) said maybe they can put it on the gift card. Does he expects us to come back to a place after such a bad experience? This money doesn’t even pay food for 1 person’s dinner. So, we had to ask him that we don’t need that money and give that to our attendant.

For a restaurant which charges $150 for 4 people is by no means cant qualify for a cheap restaurant.
If you want to enjoy and have a better dining experience then this is definitely not a place for you.

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