The Buttered Biscuit

 1014 North Street
Sumner, WA

Chicken special on Thursday nights

I have been in here 4 times now…and the food just gets worse and worse…The last time was Thursday night for the fried chicken special…for $5.00 you get 2 pieces of chicken (1 thigh and 1 leg) a small scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy, for an extra $1.50 you can get a side of wilted lettuce salad, or a piece of corn bread.

The chicken had some sort of very thick nasty coating, and after I removed the coating, it had no flavor what-so-ever, even salt and pepper didn’t help. The gravy tasted like it came out of a can, and ruined the potatoes…I got both the salad and the corn bread…the salad tasted like a simple syrup with a carmel coloring added, and was sort of room temp. I love wilted salad, and this isn’t what I would call any sort of salad.
I did enjoy the corn bread the next day at home…the food was so bad that I came home and made mac. and cheese…
The diet coke was ok…
Need I say that we will not be going back thier.
Dinner for the 2 of us came to $30.00 that included a $1.34 tip. Did I say the service sucked as bad as the food…?

Fried Chicken

ROTTEN, save your money and go someplace else.

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