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Cafe Rakka Mediterranean Grill

 71 New Shackle Island Rd
Hendersonville, TN

If it were any fresher you'd have to eat it in the garden!

Want your taste buds to tango? Just about anything on the menu will fill the bill!
You MUST try the hummus bar. The thick creamy hummus is topped with a vast array of offerings. I opted for the roasted garlic and spicey cilantro drizzled liberally with olive oil, served with your choice of white or whole wheat pita.
The romain must be grown in the kitchen to be that fresh and crisp! The Mediterrahian Salad platter was filled to the brim with fresh greens, tomatos, red onion, dried cherries, walnuts, fresh chef made cheese, tossed in a house dressing that leaves the tongue screaming MOREMORE… .
To finish off this splendiferous meal the server brings out the crowning jewel of the evening…. rice pudding. Don’t be fooled by it’s common name! It is anything but! A creamy, smooth, sweet concoction with a hint of chai spices, covered in ground pistashios. A perfect combo served with the Turkish coffee I’m sure.
This was a five star meal and a great value to boot.
Rakka is to be my new favorite for a long time to come I’m sure.

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