Yue Garden

 2925 E Belleview Ave
Englewood, CO

Overall Good

I’m writing this review after having ordered Chinese delivery by mistake from another nearby Chinese restaurant. I received their menu in the mail and mistook it for a new Yue Garden menu. And what a mistake it was…their food was horrible, and made me realize how much better the Yue Garden’s food is.

I have ordered from Yue Garden for the last few years and have been very happy with almost everything. I was disappointed one time with the sweet and sour pork which had a “stale” after taste. Maybe it was just me. I usually order Kung Pow beef, Mongolian pork, shrimp fried rice, egg rolls, and chicken wings. The quality and taste have always been good and consistant for the price. I have had better Chinese food at some of the higher priced restaurants, but that should be expected.

Overall, I give them a thumbs up for quality and price for delivered food. I know I will make sure not to mistake someone else s menu for theirs again.

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