Tuscano's Fine Italian and Mediterranean Restaurant

 4926 N River Rd
Schiller Park, IL

Never Going Back

On a Friday night, we met friends for 7:30 reservation dinner. We passed on Gibson’s, Schula’s and The Capital Grille in favor of a less expensive Italian joint. They sat us in between a birthday party table of 14 and a family of four with two toddlers who should have been in bed. Our friends joined us at 7:50 (it was a traffic filled rainy night). For a party of four, our waitress got our drinks and gave us a few minutes to look at the menu. A few minutes means 35 minutes later (8:25pm). Having to ask for a second basket of bread and no other drinks being served, disappointment, hunger and irritation joined us at the table. One of our friends approached the waitress at 9:20 and told her if dinner was not on the table within 10 minutes, we would be leaving. She sent over another waiter as a stall tactic and he said “I’m the staller”. We sternly told him we were not in the mood to be entertained, and they had 2 minutes for the food to arrive. Within a minute dinner had arrived…arrived for 3 people not 4 people. We waited another 10 minutes for the final dish(vesuvio) to arrive. (Dishes ordered-grilled pork chop, pasta & vodka sauce, chicken parmigiana and chicken vesuvio). The waitress finally returned to check on how everything was..really? really? She should have done that 2 hours ago. She came back to ask about dessert, that she said was on the house-we declined. She came back and said for all the trouble the whole dinner was on the house and hoped we would return. No manager came to extend an apology or explanation. We left leaving no tip. Other tables of four in our area, who arrived after us were served dinner, dessert and had paid their checks before we had taken a bite. All in all, a horrible experience!! Too loud and noisy, too lazy service, food was mediocre at best. Next time, we will stick to what we know- Shula’s, The Capital Grille or Wildfire.

Grilled Prok Chop


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