Capriccio Pizza

 485 Georges Rd
Dayton, NJ

Extremely rude owner faces police for screaming and yelling

I am appalled by what happened to me and kids at this place. I am local to Dayton area and walked in with two more girlfriends and five of our kids to celebrate one of the kids birthday. Who knew just going to “capriccio pizza” to celebrate birthday will make them have their worst experience of their lifetime.
First of all took 10 min and three requests to get the table cleaned that we were seated. Then it took another 45 min for the pizza that we ordered to arrive, finally when it came the waiter couldn’t handle it well and it fell on the chair. He got so upset and started to curse in another language looking at me in between. Also started to complain about few napkins that kids threw under the table(hardly 3-4).
Having hungry kids at the table we had to ask the owner ( the fat one)how long the other pizza is going to take-a simple question. He started screaming and yelling accusing me of throwing his pizza down. Before we could even say much on our defense the waiter and the fat guy screamed asking us to get out! The kids were so terrified without knowing why they are being yelled at, started to cry! The restaurant was pretty full but nobody spoke a word to this insane guy screaming with wide eyes and pointing fingers at just women and kids. He looked so violent when he came right behind us until we got out of the door—all for just asking how long the pizza will take.
We were so shocked and scared that we had to call the police,and an officer came very quickly to the scene. We reported what happened and he went inside and spoke with the owner. The owner mellowed down after seeing the officer agreed to apologize to us. But who is going to pay for the damage it has caused on those innocent minds. I still have no answer when my little girl asks " mommy why did that guy yelled at me like that?". I hope no other mother will go through what I did here for no fault of my own.
His pizza’s are not really that good that I will ever, ever take a risk of becoming victim of his anger. Really the owner has a temperament problem, you never know when it will burst and he will throw the pan at you.

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