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Carvers Steaks & Chops

 11940 Bernardo Plaza Dr
San Diego, CA

This is an excellent restaurant

I should have written this a Month ago when we went there the first time… but got busy and did not follow up.

Last night we went back for a second visit… with the same other couple from the 1st visit again dining with us.

Our first visit was what I rated as the best steak I’ve ever had. I asked the waiter what his favorite entre was and he without question said the “Texas Chile Oil Rib-Eye with sweet pepper relish”… sounded to me like some sort of concoction to hide a poor piece of beef ??

But we really liked the waiter… and I thought ok… I’ll give it a try.

It was spectacular… just enough spicy heat… and even though I’m not a “sauce guy”… I even liked the relish. Price includes soup or salad… coice of several veggies…

Everything was perfectly prepared and the meal was wonderful. My wife’s chose the New York Stip… said it was great… and my Brother in law chose the Whiskey Peppercorn New York Strip… and said it was one of the best Peppercorn steaks he had ever enjoyed. His wife had the Basil Mustard Salmon and raved.

Fast forward one month… to last night. All I could remember was it was great… until I looked at the menu and then the “Texas Chile Oil Rib-eye” came back to me. I had exactly the same thing… and again it was amazing. This time I went with the Pea Soup instead of salad… and the Pea Soup was excellent.

My Brother in law went with the same " Whiskey Peppercorn New York Strip"… again raved. The gals switched rolls and my wife tried the “Basil Mustard Salmon” and my Sister in law tried the “New York Strip”… again the entire experience was a joy… and now we all agree it is one of our favorite restaurants we have ever visited… and priced very well.

Texas Chile Oil Rib-eye

Choice Rib-eye…. marinated and rubbed with a chile pepper oil. Grilled to perfection… accented with sweet pepper and raisin sauce… the flavor is wonderful.

Excellence in ingredients… and excellence in preparation.

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hi that was supper at home :) the yellow beets were from the Jean Talon Market and the pienapple was from a can.



Sure would like to see a good Blackberry app for Menuism :-)



What in the world does a Wild Turkey Snow Cone taste like? Foodie inquiring minds want to know! :D

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