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Buffalo Wild Wings

 360 Brown St
West Lafayette, IN

Best wings ever~~~!!

Buffalo Wild Wings has the best wings ever!! I can’t handle hot (spicy) things very well, but these wings always make me want to suck it up and eat them anyway!! (They have non-spicy ones too, which are just as good!) The wings are awesome, the salads are good, and I REALLY love the buffalo chips (their potato wedges are just as good though!). You can even buy their sauces! I bought some when I went there, and you can easily make wings at home with these sauces. This place is cheap, good, and for all you sports fans… HUGE TVs to watch sports with, plus a nice bar. I’ve only been in Indiana for a total of 2 weeks of my entire life, and I went there 3 times. This place is awesome!

6 wings (Caribbean Jerk)

My favorite flavor~ It’s a little on the hot side for me, but it’s really good because it has flavor as opposed to just being hot.

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