Nadia Cakes

 38400 Yucca Tree St
Palmdale, CA

Really incomperable cake

These cakes are truly works of art. There simply is no comparison to other providers anywhere in So Cal. It’s not just the reliable, friendly and timely service. It’s the creativity, the finish and the taste of these cakes that leaves everyone trying to figure out how she does it.

Before we bought our cake here, we shopped all and tasted most of the other local vendors in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. There really is nothing to compare with quality. I got my husband to go with me to about half the tastings (I know, it was a miracle) but after he tried all the other cakes, he told me I could spend whatever I wanted on a cake from Nadiacakes and, actually, it was very reasonable compared to the other vendors who were nowhere near the quality.

I will make this suggestion: be careful if you start your search on the web. There are some vendors in this area have pictures on their websites that look almost NOTHING like the cakes they actually create. In fact, during the course of our quest for the perfect wedding cake, we actually considered another vendor who has a pretty elaborate website. By total accident, I mean really small world of small worlds, we ended up at a wedding where this competitor provided the cake. We were excited to get the chance to see one of her (the competitor’s cakes) in person. That’s all we needed to see. We decided on Nadiacakes that day and that was the day my husband said he didn’t care what Nadiacakes cost, he wanted it. So I got it and several of our guests have since bought Nadiacakes as well.



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