Delorenzo's Italian Restaurant

 1210 Knox Avenue
Easton, PA

In reference to HORRIBLE management

I can’t help but comment on a customer who CLAIMS delorenzo’s has HORRIBLE management! Funny thing about me writing is that I waited on these particular people. They did not recieve a charred black steak as they stated. They got what they ordered; a WELL DONE filet mignon (which they misspelled) prepared on an open flame. Also, if the steak was so terrible then tell me why did they eat the whole thing, not complain when I checked back the first time, and refuse to take anything in place? Free meal is all I have to say, which is pretty much what they got. Management not only pointed out that perhaps they wanted medium well and she would be happy to make that for them, offered something else, and discounted almost their whole check! Tell me what are they complaining about? In any event, I love working for delorenzo’s, the family is not only fantastic, but warmhearted, and care for their customers like no other restaurant I have ever worked for. Furthermore, everything is homemade and mama spends hours on end making things as perfect as her mother made and I personally find it insulting someone would write such a review. Don’t listen to these people the food is GREAT!

Filet Mignon

Flipping fantastic!

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