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Molly's Smokehouse

 23 S Kamehameha Hwy
Wahiawa, HI

Hawaii is home to dozens of fantastic regional and ethnic...

Hawaii is home to dozens of fantastic regional and ethnic cuisines, but it’s fair to say that food from the American south isn’t very well represented. Molly’s, situated perfectly in the military town of Wahiawa, is a great outpost of southern food in this southernmost state.

While Molly’s has obviously slimmed down their menu to deal with a largely deployed clientele, the restaurant soldiers on with some of its featured dishes, notably the barbeque ribs. It’s the side dishes, though, that sets Molly’s apart.

It’s here where I finally got to understand what it was that my Florida-born wife loved so much about food back home.

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mmm, spam musubi. I need to find somewhere that serves it…or make some at home



Welcome to Menuism! You’ve got a very cool personal site. =)

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