Coral Bagels

 2750 SW 26th Ave
Miami, FL

bagel hole of crap

First and last time customer as of today. Bought an online deal a couple months back, figured by this point the avalanche of customers with the online special would have ended; it hadn’t – the lines out the door are just further proof to never judge a book by its cover as this place deserves a line of customers the same way a prison deserves a line of school children. Unsuspecting people crowd into this place more than likely because they see others doing it; I bet there aren’t many that come back though!

After calling the “deli’s” only phone number and letting it right no less than 3 mins straight (try it yourself if you dont believe me – 305-845-0336)
Do restaurants get busy? Absolutely. Can they take 5 minutes to record a message, or have an answering machine, or at least take the damn phone off the hook? Guess not.
I searched online hoping to find an online ordering service. Wa-laa! There was one @ campusspecials . com and NO, it didn’t work so don’t get excited. I placed my order, got a confirmation number, beamed in my momentary glory, and let my nearly 70 year old father who is not in tip-top physical health know that he could indeed proceed to pick up the food. He got in some sort of disorganized line, waited about 15 mins, and was told that the company has never heard of online ordering. Beyond this, the MANAGER, FERNANDA – gave him lots of attitude during the encounter, rushing him through his choices and insulting people around him. My dad said he couldn’t believe this person was a manager. I can; it is Miami, after all.

I suppose the upside of the situation is that the whole deal was half the regular price you’d pay for crap. That being said, I can forgive many things about a restaurant such as food I dislike or mistakes in inputting orders but I cannot and will not forgive bad service in any establishment where I am paying money. People tend to forget that they work in a SERVICE industry and in this market, where people work hard for their money, it’s worth treating paying customers with respect. But that’s alright in my book; another crappy place to cross off my list and tell LOTS of other people about :-)
“Good or bad, the word gets out!”

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