Whitman Diner

 4990 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ

disaster breakfast

My son took me to the Whitman Diner for breakfast.When we were seated the waitress took our order. We ordered the "eye opener " and we asked her if it came with it and she said she thinks it did so we ordered the the coffee and juice. The breakfast comes with 2 pcs. bacon and 1 sausage so I asked her if i coukld get 2 sausage and 1 bacon and she said okay.Not knowing this ,she went to the hostess to ask her if it came with drinks and she asked about the sausage switch. She was told to add juice ,coffee and a side of sausage to our bill.
She brought us everything we ordered without telling us that there was gonna be an extra charge for the drinks and the switch. We would have never ordered this if we had known all this was gonna be added.
Now you can imagine my surprise when we received the check and it was $27.00 instead of the $16.00 and something we thought it would be.
We told the hostess on the way out about this and she replied that the waitress had come to her and asked her about it and that we should be charged for the drinks.
Now why in the world didn’t the waitress come back to us and inform us of this? And the hostess just said sorry you have to pay the check as is. After a little auguement she did take off for the coffee but I told her i was still not happy with this situation and that maybe this is what they do to get extra bucks out of patrons.
I have been patronizing this establishment for over 18 years and go out of our way to go there beings the Meadows Diner is only 4 blocks from my home.
Now I will never again return to this Diner. And I quess it was worth the extra $10.00 they charged to lose my business forever.
Oh well ,it is what it is.
JUST BE AWARE OF THERE SCAM ! And Happy B-day to me ,HUH ?

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