Lavang Restaurant

 17790 Pilkington Rd
Lake Oswego, OR

The most outrageously bad service I have ever had...

….in almost 40 years of restaurant dining.

I can’t even comment on the food because we left before eating due to the outrageously bad service. From the moment we walked in, the service was indifferent to the point of rudeness—grunting and pointing to the tables was the way we were told to sit anywhere we liked, being spoken to as if we were stupid when we had to ask the waiter to repeat something (I don’t care if you are from Viet Nam or Venus: if you mumble, people are not going to hear you or understand you. There’s no need to get huffy about it)—but we just went with it because we had heard the food was good.

We ordered an appetizer of vegetable spring rolls to share, but when they came out they were on one plate. After slamming them down on the table, the waiter realized we needed silverware, so he went to get it. When he came back, my husband politely ordered some hot tea and asked for an extra plate. The waiter went and got another plate, put it on the table, then PICKED UP ONE OF THE SPRING ROLLS WITH HIS BARE HANDS and plopped it on the new plate. I gasped audibly. He said “what?” and my husband, who is too nice for his own good, said “nothing, it’s okay” and the guy walked away, but continued to glare at me. I said quietly to my husband that I didn’t want to eat here anymore and the waiter comes back over, grabs the plates and says very loudly, “You don’t have to eat here!” and takes the food away. We promptly left. We will NEVER go back, and I will tell the story of our experience to everyone I know and post it everywhere I can . Thanks for reading.

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