Simply Fondue @ Great Neck

 24 Great Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY

Simply Horrible!

This was the worst dinning experience I have EVER had! We had an 8:30 reservation, were seated by 8:40, and yet walked out at 11:30 pm unfed. The idea of the restaurant was cute, you order a bunch of food and cook it yourself. The only problem was the food never came… since it was a price fixed menu we ordered everything in one shot. First course was salad, which to the average restaurant goer and home cook sounds fairly easy to prepare… not the case! “Supposedly” they ran out of lettuce. Which I’d believe if the restaurant wasn’t located directly over a supermarket!! But regardless, the salads made there way to the table… So now onto the fun part, the reason we came all the way to Great Neck from Hauppauge—the Fondue! The waiter turned on a built in cooking range in our table and poured some wine into a fondue pot. He said, “I’ll come back to make the fondue when the pot starts steaming”… And after a few minutes, just like he said, the post started steaming… and steaming… and steaming…and steaming… but then it stopped. We sat there with an evaporated pot for at least a half hour before he checked back in on us. Then when he realized all the liquid had burnt up he decided to try again. He poured new wine into the pot and disappeared again. At this point we had already watched numerous tables come and go and I was annoyed, to say the least. And you’re probably thinking it was a busy night, right? WRONG! I’d actually cut them a little slack if they were busy. It was just downright horrible service. Management didn’t even care that we were sitting at the table for three hours with an empty bottle of wine and no food. Don’t restaurants usually want to serve you? Ya know, rack UP the bill?? But anyways, after several complaints, no improvement of service and rumbling bellies we decided to call it a night. I was all for walking out on the bill, but my boyfriend insisted we pay for the little we consumed. In my opinion I should have been paid for my traveling expense, and the three hours of my life I will never get back. Oh and I forgot about the manager. When she took my coat tickets and I gave her the look of death she simple said, “I’m just the hostess. That’s BS!! How many idiots does it take to get UNUNCOOKED food on a table!!

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