Dragon Wok Chinese Restaurant

 1589 Skeet Club Rd
High Point, NC

Dragon Wok on Skeet Club Rd

After my visit yesterday I think 1 star was too much. My husband and I went to have lunch and I knew from previous orders they have good food. Well we decided to dine in yesterday and I wanted to have the buffet, which was a little light at the time we arrived. I ordered buffet thinking they were going to reload while we were there. Well what little food I put on my plate was very cold, which makes me think the bar was cut off. I was told by the attendant/cashier that no more food was coming out on the bar due to being slow. I understood. But I asked her if I could put my cold plate in a to go box and add a little to it from the bar and heat and eat when I got home. This lady told me with an attitude that a box would cost me more money. I told her again in a nice way that my initial plate is cold and not edible this way and I just want to take what I have home and box it. She told me NO again. So I asked her what she want me to do with it. She told me to throw it in the trash. As I walked to the trash can she started speaking loudly for me NOT to throw away the tray as if I did not have enough common sence to know this. Prior to my throwing away my plate I thought well I will just eat the 1 donut I had on my plate so I put this on my napkin at the table my husband and I occupied. Well Ms. Wok decided to yell at me again telling me if I keep the donut then I pay for it. Now she has struck a nerve. So with a smile I snatched the donut back up and trashed that also and asked her to give me my money back PERIOD

She did not try to accomodate me in any way. My husband and I were both polite and mannerable but she was a complete witch and treated me as if I wanted to get over. All I wanted to do was eat some good lunch. The food was cold and she didn’t so much as offer to heat it up for me in their microwave. I couldn’t take it home to heat and eat cause she wanted to charge me more for take-out. Forgetting that I already paid for food to eat there and was unable to do so.

So Dragon Wok just lost any future business from me. Good foor or not poor customer service do not work well for me and do not deserve my money.

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