Hot Dog Charlie's

 22 Clifton Country Road
Clifton Park, NY


Facebook friends: Please boycott the Hot Dog Charlies in the Clifton Park Center (formerly Clifton Country Mall). Today, while my daughter, son in law, grandsons and myself were there, Kellan had a mini melt down. The “manager” Julie made the comment to Nova that his son is obnoxious. For those of you who don’t already know, Kellan is autistic. Meltdowns can, do and will happen from time to time. Kristen was handling him. When asked why should would say such a thing, she said it was because he is. She has no tolerance for special needs kids or their parents who are trying to “control” them. (Her words…he needs to be controlled.) When we walked away, she laughed and again made the control comment. I suggested to her she read up on special needs, primarily autism. She asked me if I ever heard of “control.” With that I damn near lost my composure and had to walk away. This woman doesn’t belong working with the public.

Clearly your manager needs to learn some “control.” It’s hard enough to deal with an episode a child with special needs is having in public that a family doesn’t need ignorant unhelpful comments from someone highly unqualified to add their opinion to the situation.

Furthermore, after tons of facebook requests to have this situation handled Hot Dog Charlie’s response to an outraged public was to shut down their Facebook and act like the incident never happened! Shame on you!!!

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