Wibbley's Gourmet Hamburgers

 2255 140th Ave Ne Ste B
Bellevue, WA

The only chicken dish on the menu

The burgers here are great, better than any burgers you can get from any fast food joint (including red robin). And the reason is because you can taste the charcoal in their burgers. On top of that, the price is awesome.

This time, I’ve decided to try the only chicken dish on their menu, which is the chicken sandwich. To my surprise, it’s just as delicious as their beef patty burgers (and it’s healthier cause it’s white meat).

They also have a fish burger. But it’s not high up on their wall menu yet, cause it’s a new item. I plan to try that next time I go there.

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken breast meat doesn’t always equal to DRY tasting meat. Wibbley’s chicken sandwich is plenty juicy. You can also taste the charcoal in this dish. I have to say this is one tasty and healthy(ier) burger.

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