Wibbley's Gourmet Hamburgers

 2255 140th Ave Ne Ste B
Bellevue, WA

The only chicken dish on the menu

The burgers here are great, better than any burgers you can get from any fast food joint (including red robin). And the reason is because you can taste the charcoal in their burgers. On top of that, the price is awesome.

This time, I’ve decided to try the only chicken dish on their menu, which is the chicken sandwich. To my surprise, it’s just as delicious as their beef patty burgers (and it’s healthier cause it’s white meat).

They also have a fish burger. But it’s not high up on their wall menu yet, cause it’s a new item. I plan to try that next time I go there.

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken breast meat doesn’t always equal to DRY tasting meat. Wibbley’s chicken sandwich is plenty juicy. You can also taste the charcoal in this dish. I have to say this is one tasty and healthy(ier) burger.


Papa Murphy's

 17181 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA

Cheaper, Hotter, and Healthier...

Cheaper: With coupon, four of us ordered two large pizza for a little over 20 dollars. And one of the pizza is a stuffed pizza, which makes it extra filling. Also, because you’re baking the pizza yourself in the comfort of your own home, the only person you need to tip is yourself.

Hotter: The delivery time is from your kitchen oven to the dinner table. I always prefer fresh-out-of-oven-burn-your-mouth kind of hot pizza.

Healthier: I always find Papa Murphy’s pizza to be a lot less greasy than the other ones.



Gourmet Chicken Garlic



Kiku Sushi

 13112 Northeast 20th Street #200
Bellevue, WA

Never disappointed with their Bento Box

Lately, I came to Kiku twice for dinner, and both times I got their Bento Box.

Service is great and I’ve always enjoyed the homey feel to the restaurant. It’s not a big restaurant so be sure to make reservations if you have a big party.

Dinner Bento Box at Kiku Sushi

Dinner Bento Box

If you like varieties, Bento Box is perfect for you – A few (big) slices of sashimi, three pieces of sushi roll, 4-5 gyoza, children katsu (Japanese styled fried chicken), and a big bow of rice. Oh, and it also comes with miso soup and salad. You can’t go wrong with a Bento Box. Best of all, the Bento Box special changes everyday, so you can have something different every time.


Dixie's BBQ

 11522 Northup Way
Bellevue, WA

The "meanest" BBQ I know

Although you get a crap load of attitude from the restaurant owners, it’s almost impossible to get pissed off at them. The food is excellent, but going there to MEET THE MAN is what makes the dinning experience so much fun.

The Man walks around with a spoon and a pot of his secret chili sauce. If you’ve never had it, he’ll dip a toothpick in the sauce for you to try.

Never tempt him by saying “I heard it’s nothing” or “I’ve had it, it’s nothing”, because he will put a spoon full of chili sauce right on your bbq. You will CRY! (literally, from the spiciness).

Never ask him to put his chili sauce on the side, because he will never do it. It has to go on top of your food.

If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, or you plan on visiting, go to Dixie’s BBQ. The experience is one of a kind.

Slab of Pork Ribs

The meat melts in your mouth, even the bones. By the time I finished eating, I didn’t even realize that I ate half of the bones. So Good!

Lemon Cake

The man sauce will burn ya. Lemon helps with the burn. So get the Lemon Cake if you plan on meeting the man.


The Treehouse

 Tresidder Memorial Union
Stanford, CA

Decent Mexican conveniently located on Stanford campus

I’ve been eating the same item on the menu everytime I go to the Treehouse, so I can’t say how good their other dishes are. For the dish I ordered (Starvin’ Student Burrito), you should definitely do what the name tells you – STARVE YOURSELF! Cause if you do, this Burrito will taste like the best Burrito you’ve ever had in your life (It’s really not). On top of that, this is one cheap dish. Comes with Tortilla chips, too. It’ll fill you up and leave you satisfied, but remember, starve yourself before you order this dish.

Starvin' Student Burrito

Starvin’ Student Burrito is my Starvin’ Entrepreneur Burrito


Los Altos Taqueria

 2105 Old Middlefield Way Ste E
Mountain View, CA

Super burritos are HUGE

I almost couldn’t finish their super burrito, but I still did because it was too good.

Authentic Mexican, generous portion, and great prices.

Super Burrito



Ron of Japan

 230 E Ontario St
Chicago, IL

The Shrimp is really good

Great shrimp


Mandarin Wok

 403 E. Green St.
Champaign, IL

Most Authentic Chinese Restaurant on UIUC Campus

Inside the restaurant, menus on the wall are hand written in Chinese. That’s gotta mean something, right?

The restaurant is owned by a Chinese family. If you eat there often enough and get to know the owners, they sometimes surprise you with free tea eggs, usually when it’s a special occasion (birthday, graduation etc.).

Just avoid the lunch specials, they’re never the authentic dishes.

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