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Wasabi House

 150 Montrose West Ave
Akron, OH

so depressing

pretty much everything about our visit was awful

1) wait 1.5 hours – outside – for our “reservation”, received no apology for this

2) service was slow and they didnt seem to really care since they add 18% gratuity

3) food was not palatible and overpriced

4) floors so greasy i couldnt even walk and the place is too dark

5) wow three bathroom stalls for 300 seats – not to code

6) almost everything in their bathroom was broken

7) bartender went off about three times about making the frozen drink we just ordered. she as one foot from us at the bar. maybe if she doesnt like making drinks she can get a different job.

8) staff dressed very very provocativly – not appropriate at all.

9) noone made us feel welcome the entire time. like they think they could couldnt care less.

10) bill for two people 80$ total rip off for a place that cant even refil your water or have a menu not torn and shabby

i will not return here.


it was so gross and salty i ate about one bite. i have no idea why i paid for this.vomited later for hours

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