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Wasabi House

 150 Montrose West Ave
Akron, OH

so depressing

pretty much everything about our visit was awful

1) wait 1.5 hours – outside – for our “reservation”, received no apology for this

2) service was slow and they didnt seem to really care since they add 18% gratuity

3) food was not palatible and overpriced

4) floors so greasy i couldnt even walk and the place is too dark

5) wow three bathroom stalls for 300 seats – not to code

6) almost everything in their bathroom was broken

7) bartender went off about three times about making the frozen drink we just ordered. she as one foot from us at the bar. maybe if she doesnt like making drinks she can get a different job.

8) staff dressed very very provocativly – not appropriate at all.

9) noone made us feel welcome the entire time. like they think they could couldnt care less.

10) bill for two people 80$ total rip off for a place that cant even refil your water or have a menu not torn and shabby

i will not return here.


it was so gross and salty i ate about one bite. i have no idea why i paid for this.vomited later for hours


Sully's Irish Pub

 117 West Liberty St.
Medina, OH

very unique medina pub

i really enjoyed the live music at Sully’s Pub. the place was packed so get there early.
the menu is amazing, but some items are better on paper than in execution. for example stay away from the potato? things.( forget the name) it tasted like a greasy rock.

The wings though were the largest wings i have ever seen and the sauce was wonderful. they even gave them extra.

Also the waitress started a fight with customers which was a little unnerving to all of trying to enjoy the meal. Apparently the customer is always wrong here.


Yours Truly Restaurants

 36 S Main St
Hudson, OH

whats all the hype about?

i am not sure what all the hype i about regarding Yours Truly. it is extremly overrated. the food is overpriced and mostly alacarte.
the service is hit or miss and i always wait 5-10 minutes at door before being greeted.

last time i went my food took so long (i was on lunch break) that i didnt have time to eat. then it was totally burnt and waitress didnt care when i complained.

gorgeous decor though and clean.


okay flavor. but inconsistant each time i visit. they serve it with 10 ounces of ranch which is unecessary. they could probably lower their prices with smaller serving size on dressing, but i am no gordon ramsay.


Alexandris Restaurant

 2835 Medina Rd
Medina, OH


we visited alexandris on a very busy night. no worrys thought the waiter took care of us immediatly and with extreme enthusiasm.
the food was cooked perfectly and the salad so fresh i couldnt believe it wasnt from my own garden!! they’re cheese sticks are also excellent. i look forward to visiiting again as soon as possible

greek salad

unbelievably fresh and delicious


Saffron Patch

 1244 Weathervane Ln
Akron, OH

Yum with a capital Y

Saffron patch is the first Indian food I ever ate and I am hooked now.

The service is phenomenal here and always prompt. the food is served piping hot immediately from the kitchen. The servers never mind you using a coupon.

Kudos to the owners and staff at saffron patch!

vegetarian dishes

yummy but spicy use caution in ordering the staff will help


Kasai Japanese Restaurant

 295 Weatherstone Dr
Wadsworth, OH

great food shoddy service

we have been eating here since they opened. the food is the best sushi in Northeast Ohio (yes it is better than sushi rock) also love love love the teriyaki stir fry (yummy with tofu)

the service however is lacking in accuracy, style, grace, timeliness and friendliness. We have taken to getting it to go to avoid that annoyance. The owner need to get a clue and train the wait staff. The bamboo placemats stink like mildew and the menus are filthy.

teriaki stir fry

best tofu dish i have ever had.


Eye Opener

 1688 West Market Street
Akron, OH


this was our first visit here.
1) order was not as described and they completly drenched my hashbrowns in hot peppers flakes-overkill.
2)how do you serve five breakfasts 15 min after ordering them and they are all stone cold? well they did
3) most bizzarre rest. layout that i have ever seen

did love the postcard posters though
seems like they need to put alittle more effort into the food.




Chipotle Mexican Grill

 3890 Medina Rd
Akron, OH

excellent option

i love cipoltle burritos!!
i wish they would offer salt and pepper packets. i think that is complety ridiculous that they do not.

be careful although they are natural food choices. the burritos are extremly fattening!! check out their website for details. i calculated the veggie burritos as 70+ grams of fat

Burrito - burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill


this burrito provides enough fat and calories for three meals


Swenson's Drive-In

 40 Brookmont Rd
Akron, OH

great vegetarian options

i love swensons. a throw back to the old drive-ins that i am too young to know about LOL

excelent food and fast friendly – accurate service

to try: hot fudge milk shakes

zucchini sticks

superior taste



Tangier Restaurant & Cabaret

 532 W Market St
Akron, OH

stay away

this restaurant is awful. the food is subpar and the server couldnt answer any questions.

which is worse their food or reputation?

i wouldnt recommend this to my worst enemy!!


50 minutes for a rare steak
bland potato

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