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A new restaurant a week!

Toro is one of my favorite dishes! So yah, naturally I tend to focus on Japanese food. But there are plenty of other types that I like as well. I hope to try a new restaurant every week.


Crepe House

 1755 Polk St
San Francisco, CA

Pretty darn good

I was looking for a place to have a good bite in SF, and came across this via City Search (I know I know. At least I’m reviewing it over here!). It was rated highly, so I figured, why not?

It met my expectation and went a bit above it :)

I’ve come to always expect crepe places to be tasty, and it very much so was. Both the “salty” crepe and the sweet crepe were good. However, what made me appreciate this place more was the fact that the service was pretty fast and streamlined.

Instead of being sat down to order food, you basically wait in the line to order like if you were at a crepe stand. And then by the time you order, a table will be ready for you, in which you can sit and wait for your food. And the food will come out very quickly too. So don’t get discouraged if you see a long line shooting outside of the door to the sidewalk. Just wait, and you’ll see how it may actually be faster this way, than having to wait for a table to order first. I guess one problem is that it can get cold waiting outside, so make sure you wear something warm (on a cold day).

The place was packed, but things still moved quickly. My chai came out before I finished paying. The crepes themselves probably came out within 10 min after ordering (but then again, I didn’t time it exactly, so I may be wrong here. The point is, it didn’t feel like a long wait).

Food was delicious, so I’m glad that I had the chance to check this place out. Oh yah, the dessert crepes will come with either cream or ice cream. Get the ice cream!

New Orleans Crepe

Tasty, “salty” crepe. It def filled me up with the main crepe, salad, and I think some potatoes (but I can’t remember if that really came with the dish or not).

Banana Nutella

Nutella and Banana…can they ever go wrong when put together? Well, if they can, don’t tell me about it.


Strawberry, banana, kiwi (I think), brown sugar. Yum!

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Haha…that was my original goal. Now, it’s more like…just eat!!



Ooh, a new restaurant a week! That’s ambitious. I look forward to hearing about some new restaurants ;)

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