1712 E Main St
Millville, NJ

Nothing to brag about.

My family and I have been customer at this eatery for years. We eat there on the weekends quite a bit. The food is pretty decent. The ingredients are good. But the food preparation and presentation is sometimes sloppy especially lately. For example, water in the bottom of my pasta, burnt cheese, etc. I have become familiar with a few of the waitresses. They are friendly. This part I enjoy. I always get great and quick service. The restaurant is pretty open. You can see the kitchen from some parts of the dining room. I have seen my waitress complain about the burnt cheese or the water. And I have seen the cook in the kitchen actually yell at her. Who yells at a waitress for doing her job? This is unprofessional. I have seen a lot of downfall in this restaurant. We have recently been there to eat where almost every item I asked for was not available. The owners stop buying chips to go with the subs which upset my children. I can understand small items, but when I’m told there is no calamari, no tuna, no veal, no mushrooms, no artichokes – there is an issue! I felt bad for the waitress as she has to tell me that these items weren’t available. She was genuinely upset. But in all honesty, I don’t look for this place to be around much longer. Other then the few good waitresses, this place is a mess. People arguing in Italian, kitchen staff yelling at wait staff, uncleanliness behind the counter, uncleanliness of the employees behind the counter and in the kitchen, too many menu items not available, no air conditioning, getting our bread after we get our meal (even though I heard the waitresses ask for bread numerous times), the wait for an appetizer – all makes our dining experience unfavorable. I have been appalled my last few visits. I do not think me or my family will be back anytime soon. Unless there is some big changes.

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