2137 Mariner Blvd
Spring Hill, FL

terrible experience

The service was absolutely terrible, the sandwiches looked disgusting, my food was all shoved in a small bag so the sandwiches were squished, they didn’t even have change for me, it took about 15 minutes for me to get my $3 in change, and the milkshake looked gross. I ordered a number 4 combo, a number 7 combo, and a small strawberry milkshake. McDonalds’ food and service is better than this checkers. I will never go back to this checkers again. I love checkers, but this establishment is absolutely terrible. I want to go back there and demand my money back for the awful service and disgusting food. I can understand being busy, but there’s no excuse for the food being as bad as it was. The checkers in brooksville is way better.

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