Virtuoso Restaurant and Ultra Lounge

 272 Worthington St
Springfield, MA

Terrible service, mediocre food!

We decided to go to Virtuoso on a purchased gift certificate to try it out. The restaurant itself is nice but nothing special. The food was mediocre for the price paid but acceptable. What really put us over the edge was that when it came time to pay they did not want to accept the cerificate we had purchased at with the excuse that they no longer participated on Talking to them for 20 minutes did not persuade them to honor the certificate. The owner even came to our table to excuse himself but that he was not taking the certificate. Here you have a restaurant owner who rather leave a very bad impression on his customers rather then do what is right and honor a $25.00 certificate on a meal that was over $80. Absolutely ridiculous. I will tell everyone who will listen to stay away from this place.

pork chops

over cooked, pricey

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