New York Water Bagel Company

 542 Fischer Boulevard
Toms River, NJ


My boyfriend and I come to NYWB for breakfast occasionally. Usually on a weekend morning when we are in a rush. There is usually a line especially in the summer, but where isn’t there a line. Last Sunday the 1st of July was a horrible experience at best.

To begin there wasn’t a line so I think people know when this woman is working and know to just stay away.
We stopped a few feet before the counter so she could finish what she was doing before we came up, but instead we wound up waiting 5 minutes for her to finish talking to her “girls”. Once she finally took notice of us, she just looked at us. No “Can I help you?” no nothing.
We got over that quickly when we ordered our food. I got a Taylor ham egg and cheese sandwich on a sesame seed bagel with pepper only and my boyfriend got 2 egg whites and home fries with white toast. (Had she given us a receipt in the first place we would have caught her mistakes sooner).
We then waited off to the side so the next person could order when we decided that we were going to buy a quart of skim milk. The reason why I am Specifying skim milk is because when I went up to the counter she said “2%” and I said “No, it’s skim” She proceeded to tap a bunch of things on the screen without a word. There is a $5 card minimum so I had paid with cash. My total was $1.59 so I got out exact change. She was not happy with this. The counter woman (who was about 50) proceeded to childishly tap her nails and sigh loudly at me while I got my change out. I finished paying and stepped to the said again.
Our food came and we were off. Upon arrival at home we discovered that she had given us a horribly wrong order. And it was not the cooks fault because that was in fact on the receipt. She gave me Taylor ham and cheese (no egg) and salt (not pepper) and my boyfriend got eggs over easy (Runny yolks and all) and wheat toast (not white).
I don’t get it. Who said anything about over easy? It’s not like I said anything about salt for my order, I said pepper. Why was there salt on my sandwich? You could literally see the grains of salt in the cheese! The woman at the counter on Sundays is horrible! If you do decide you want to go and see a middle aged woman with a shirt too tight and leather skin that’s over-tanned and fake over-dyed hair…RUN

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