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  • Nov 2010
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Cuban Pete's

 428 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ

Terrible Customer Service

My review is fair and realistic. I am not a kid and I am very serious about my dining experience. About a week ago, I might have given them 4 stars, because the food is pretty good and the service is ok. A little noisy for my taste, but fine, I am not a old man who can’t stand some loud music, but here is the problem.

We went out yesterday to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I can understand that they don’t take reservations and I knew that, but when most of the party was already in and waiting to suprise my wife, they were not allowed to sit unless we were there. Not to mention they were treated rude and unfair. When I arived, I approached the manager who had a extremely nasty tone for no apparent reason and he refused, I repeat refused to give us a table. Basically we were told to leave. For what? There was no problem up to that point and there was no attitude from our side. The only attitude I noticed is from the girl at the front desk and the manager. When I asked him if the owners knew how he manages the place, telling a party of 20 to leave. His reply was ‘I don’t care, you have to leave now!!‘. I have never been treated like that in my life. That only tells me one thing, the place doesn’t care about their customers. You will not want to waste your time hoping that the management might be in the good mood. You do not want to bring your friends and family only to embarass yourself and hope that someone, like a manager will do you a favor. This is not some kid that causes problems. We are all professional adults with the families, kids, good careers and it was uncalled for.

Now, while we started telling this unfortunate experience to some people, we realize that it is not an isolated incident and strongly advice for people not to go Cuban Pete’s. Do not punish yourself and your party. Find a place that cares about you and your money. You will not be sorry you read this. It will ensure you avoid the same rudeness that we had to encounter last tonight.

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