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Tortilla Press Cantina

 7716 Maple Ave
Merchantville, NJ

The Tortilla Press Cantina is one of my...

The Tortilla Press Cantina is one of my favorite hangouts in the area. The menu is geared more towards casual & very reasonably priced fare but don’t take that as unsophisticated or dumbed-down bar food. This is fun, flavorful food that’s fun to share around the table with a group of friends and a steady flow of drinks. Seating around the bar & in the dining area is roomy & comfortable. There are a few booths if you prefer your privacy but most of the restaurant is quite open.

The wait staff is attentive & fast, & the manager & owner are regularly checking in to see if you’re enjoying yourselves. With a menu that features chipotle wings, arroz con pollo, a fantastic oven roasted chicken & crabpepper soup, how can you not?

A lot of local SJ restaurants have been putting out special menus & TPC is no exception. In addition to daily specials, they have special themed menus every few weeks. The most recent was a homestyle classic menu, which was amazing.

The other factor that makes this a favorite is its location, less than a mile from the Cherry Hill mall but much easier to get to & park. I know Annie mentioned there not being many parking spots but the TPC lot is actually attached to a giant lot so parking isnt a problem.

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