Bobos Restaurant

 2938 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ

Bobo's: A Tucson Classic, But Not For The Health Concious

I have been a patron of Bobo’s since my undergradate years in Tucson during the late 90’s, and it has never failed to delight me. I just finished reading a ton of on-line reviews for Bobo’s on other websites, and they basically boil down to two camps/kinds of folks:

1) People who know what a greasy spoon is and what it should be, who go for the great grub and community culture—not necessarily a clean or quick experience. You will probably have to wait, things will appear dusty and/or dirty, the kitchen is open and the cooks are lively (fighting, singing, whatever), and it is almost always packed. But whatever you order is bound to be freakin’ fantastic. Two of my favorites the biscuits and gravy and their omelets. Lots of folks also adore their insanely large pancakes—I tend to order meat over wheat when it comes to going out to breakfast. And it is very cheap, especially for this day and age.

2) The other camp of folks want a clean, modern quick dining experience, similar to a chain restaurant like The Good Egg or The Egg and I. Bobo’s is not like those places and it never will be. Although they LOVE kids at Bobo’s (you can see pictures hanging on the walls that their littlest patrons have drawn), if you’re terrified of your kids touching dirty floors, dirty chairs, dirty tables, you should pick another place. Also, if you want anything healthy, you should pick another place.

I give Bobo’s five stars, two thumbs up, and all that jazz. Just know which kind of person you are before you bother going.

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