Burger King

 1301 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


terrible experience here I went late night Monday 08/15/16 and the assistant manager named Jaime was so rude and out of line. I ordered and was told there was no sweet and sour sauce so I was hesitant for a minute weather I was going to take the order or not and he tells me do you want it or not. I said give me a moment he sais again do you want it or not Im busy and have alot to do. Mind you this is at almost midnight totally dead and quiet around and no other cars in the drive thru. My cousin who is also manager at another food restaurant lost his patience and said you are full of sh—-t..But I was blown away with the assistant manager Jaime who answered back in spanish go f___k your mother. I called the next day and spoke to the manager Rogelio and also the district manager Rosa and was more appauled to hear Oh well our employee states you started it. Really!!!!!!!!!! Im scared to see what the owner of this Franchise is like because he obviously doesnt care of the kind of people he has running the place.

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